Panoramic photography of Jerusalem.

      4893 70cm x 206cm
View at Old City from Mamilla
    1117 452cm x 90cm
Temple Mount and the City Jerusalem


1348 350cm x 118cm
Mount of Olives Jewish cemetery. View on the Old City, Western Wall, Temple Mount

1381-1407 270cm x 46cm
View of Old City    from Mountain of Olives

    6714 30x90cm
6714 592x80cm
View from Daniel Yanovski street Haas Promenade 

two size: 326x136cm and 326x213cm
View from Daniel Yanovski street Haas Promenade


    View from the Lookout Observation Deck on top of the Aish HaTorah World Center, The Western Wall. The Temple Mount with its Dome, Mount of Olives, City of David, Jordanian Hills, Judean Desert 
File name: 0900 428x162cm




1432 30x90cm
Mount of Olives Jewish cemetery 

1472 30 cm x 90cm
The Old City of Jerusalem. The Western Wall,. Taken from the Mount of Olives

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